Our Curriculum

The provision for children's development and learning is guided by Development Matters in The Early Years Foundation Stage (DfE 2012). Our provision reflects the four key themes and these are the principles of how we put them into practice.


Children start to show interest in the world around them from birth. They use their senses to make sense of the world and the people around them. This curiosity is an ongoing progress, even as adults we are often curious about our world. At Home2Home we view children as young explorers, therefore our provision allows time for them to investigate and make sense of how and why things work the way they do.

We focus on the seven areas of learning and development provided by the DFE 2014, it shows aspect of learning which help the practitioners to support your child’s learning.


This will be explained further in your first parents partner meeting.

We keep record of each children achievement on our achievement trees. We encourage you to keep us up to date with any wow moments that happens out of setting. We also send out a monthly new letter, that provided you with photos and progress report of your child.

Our Staff Qualifications

At Home2Home nursery we take pride in knowing that all our practitioners are highly trained and have a passion about working with young children. They are all assessed for their experience, qualifications, enthusiasm, dedication and especially for their love of children. Staff Qualifications ranges from level 6 (degree Level) to new apprentices. There is a continually high ratio of staff to children, so every child receives the individual attention he or she deserves. There is also ongoing training in all areas offered to include paediatric first aid, basic food hygiene, health and safety as well as more extensive training in the Early Years Foundation Stage, play workshops and special educational needs.

What to expect when

Please click to have a look at the parents guide tot he EYFS called : What to expect when.