Our Fee’s

A quick guide to our payment terms as well as some useful information and links for funding and Tax-Free Childcare.

• The initial deposit and registration fee need to be paid on confirmation of your child’s place. This can be done via BACS transfer using your child’s name as reference or card payment at the Nursery.

• Your first month’s fees should be paid by your child’s 2nd settling session. Details of the amount will be in your Welcome Email.

• Ongoing fees are to be paid on the 1st of every month in advance of the month ahead including voucher payments.

• Tax Free Childcare – Please use the following link for further information on how to sign up to this:

Tax Free Childcare Information

Please remember that, if you are eligible, up to 70% of your registered childcare costs can now be claimed under the Child’s Tax Credit. This works on a sliding scale and will benefit the majority of families working 16 hours plus a week.

• Childcare Vouchers – we will continue to accept all childcare vouchers. This scheme however has now been phased out for new enrolments.

• 15 Hours Funded Childcare – we offer this to all children who qualify. Your child will receive this for the term after their 3rd birthday. We complete all relevant paperwork before the start of each new term and will email you with details when required.

For information on 30 hour funding please visit:

Information on 30 Hour Funding

Your child may also be eligible for two year old funding, for further information please visit :

Information on 2 Year Old Funding

When would my child's funding start

3rd Birthday on or before:

Eligible from:

31st December

Spring Term (January - April)

31st March

Summer Term (April-July)

31st August

Autumn Term (September - December)

Our Fee's

Half Day sessions will be 8am – 1pm or 1pm – 6pm

Full day 8am – 6pm

under 2’s

2-3 years

4+ years

Under 2’s

2-3 years

4+ years




































*minimum of 2 full days or 4 half day sessions required.

The invoices are worked out at the daily rate and multiplied over 52weeks of the year and then divided by the 12 months. The amount due will be the same every month.


E.g. £48.00 x 2 day per week x 52weeks divided 12 months = £416

Interested in registering?

If you would like to proceed in registering for a place at Home2Home Nursery, please download a registration form by clicking the button below and return it completed to the branch of your choice, at which time subject to availability an offer in writing will be sent to you.