Our Fees & Documents

At Home2Home Nursery, we aim to be competitive and give great childcare at the lowest cost possible. All our fees include lunch, tea, snacks and cows milk.

We can provide funded nursery sessions to all eligible 2, 3 and 4 year olds. For these, there is a cost per day of £3.00 for the child’s lunch, tea, snacks and cows milk.

Our current fees are:

Round Green

Half day sessions will be 8am – 1pm or 1pm- 6pm Full day  8 am- 6pm
Under 2’s 2-3 years 4+ Under 2’s 2-3 years 4+
1 day £26.50 £25 £24 £53 £50 £48


£50 £48 £106 £100 £96
3 days  


£75 £72 £159 £150 £144
4 days  


£100 £96 £212 £200 £192
5 days  


£125 £120 £265 £250 £240

To register for Hitchin Home please use our registration form found here: Registration Form

Adelaide Home

Half day sessions will be 8am – 1pm or 1pm- 6pm Full day  8 am- 6pm
Under 2’s 2-3 years 4+ Under 2’s 2-3 years 4+
1 day £28 £26.50 £24 £56 £53 £48


£53 £48 £112 £106 £96
3 days  


£79.50 £72 £168 £159 £144
4 days  


£106 £96 £224 £212 £192
5 days  


£132.50 £120 £280 £265 £240

To register for Adelaide Home please use our registration form found here: Registration Form

*minimum of 2 full days or 3 half day sessions required.

The invoices are worked out at the daily rate and multiplied over 52 weeks of the year and then divided by the 12 months. The amount due will be the same every month.


E.g. £48.00 x 2 day per week x 52weeks divided 12 months = £416



Jumper Polo Shirt
£7.50 £4.50


Payment / Funding Check List

Please find a quick guide to our payment terms as well as some useful information and links for funding and Tax-Free Childcare.


  • The initial deposit and registration fee need to be paid on confirmation of your child’s place. This can be done via BACS transfer using your child’s name as reference or card payment at the Nursery.


  • Your first month’s fees should be paid by your child’s 2nd settling session. Details of the amount will be in your Welcome Email.


  • Ongoing fees are to be paid on the 1st of every month in advance of the month ahead including voucher payments.


Please remember that, if you are eligible, up to 70% of your registered childcare costs can now be claimed under the Child’s Tax Credit. This works on a sliding scale and will benefit the majority of families working 16 hours plus a week.


  • Childcare Vouchers – we will continue to accept all childcare vouchers. This scheme however has now been phased out for new enrolments.


  • 15 Hours Funded Childcare – we offer this to all children who qualify. Your child will receive this for the term after their 3rd birthday. We complete all relevant paperwork before the start of each new term and will email you with details when required.


3rd Birthday on or before:   Eligible from
31st December  Spring term (January – April)
31 March Summer Term (April – July)
31 August Autumn Term (Sept – Dec)


Do not hesitate to contact your Nursery Manager for any further details with regards to the above information.

Nursery Bank Details

Nursery fees are due for payment monthly in advance, on the first working day.  Standing order is the preferred method of payment.



1 Payments need to be made by the 1st of each month. Payment methods are


  • Standing Order (S/O)
  • Online bank transfer
  • Faster payment
  • Cash
  • Debit Card
  • Credit card (a charge of 3% will be made)


  1. The contractual Agreement is between Home2Home nursery and the Parents/Guardians, therefore, responsibly in ensuring payments reach Home2Home Account by the due date are with Parents/Guardians.
  2. In addition to the payment methods above we may also accept payment from approved voucher companies providing the funds are cleared in our account by the due date. Parents should note that vouchers can take up to 4 days to reach our account. Consistent late payment will result in the parent no longer being able to pay by voucher.
  3. Payments are due on the 1st of the month, any payments not received and cleared into our account by the 28th of the month are considered as being in default and a £50 charge will be levied.
  4. A further £50 will be charged for each week, or part week, a balance remains outstanding.
  5. If by the 15th of the following month a balance remains outstanding the contract may be terminated, without notice, utilising the deposit held with the company and an invoice will be issued for the outstanding balance of 2 weeks and any extras incurred.
  6. Interest may also be added.


Terms & Conditions


A deposit of £100 is required when submitting the registration form. This deposit is refundable when your child leaves the nursery or in part if your child changes sessions.

Deposits and registration fees are non-refundable if you decide not to take up your place.

Notice to terminate 30 days written notice is required when you wish to remove your child from nursery, if this is not adhered to fees are still liable to be paid by the parents within this period. If a child does not attend nursery for more than 30 days and we have not received notice, fees are still liable, and a place can no longer be reserved. In this instance parents will have to re-book where space is available. We also may inform HMRC of parents leaving and will take any necessary legal action to recoup any fees owed to us. This may impact on your credit status.


Notice to when increasing/decreasing days

I month’s written notice needs to be given when increasing/decreasing days with the nursery and the deposit will be adjusted accordingly.


Session times

The Nursery operating hours are between 8am and 6pm. We operate a strict time policy to ensure that we maintain our staff to child ratios at all times. Therefore, please ensure that if you are unable to collect your child for any reason that you have made alternative arrangements.

A late or early drop off fee of £5.00 for the first 15 minutes and £10 for any part or full hour thereafter will be charged.

In the case of sessional children such as those that attend mornings only, the same principal applies. Example: If your start time is 10am and you drop your child off at 9.50am you will be charged the additional £5.00.

If the nursery is closed due to inclement weather a full refund will be credited. If the nursery part opens for the day and then closes due to inclement weather no refund will be given as this will be for safety reasons.  We hope you can understand why we charge you if your child is sick or on holiday. As you can appreciate once your child joins the Nursery his/her place is totally secure, providing the fees are paid promptly, and the place will not be given to another child. Home2Home also staff the Nursery accordingly and maintains the ratio criteria laid down by OFSTED.

Swapping days on an adhoc basis is not permissible and treated as an additional chargeable day.    Therefore, regrettably we are unable to offer your child a discount in fees if you take holiday or they are off sick. This is a standard procedure within nurseries.    Each year we will review our pricing structure and increase our prices in line with increases in staff costs, supplier costs, rent and rates etc.    Child Tax Credits

We will advise the Child Tax Credit Agency (HMRC) of any child who leaves our nursery for which fees are left outstanding.



It is vital & the sole responsibility of the parent / guardian to inform dawn to dusk nursery of any changes to the information given within this pack. this is especially important with telephone numbers.

If your child is unwell whilst at Nursery, we will ring you immediately and a decision can be made between yourself and the Key Worker or Room Leader as to the best solution, that takes into account the health and safety of your child and the children and staff at the Nursery.

If your child becomes unwell and was due to attend Nursery, parents are asked to inform the Nursery Manager immediately. The Nursery Manager will then decide whether to inform other parents of a potential health issue that may arise