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  • I was scared and it breaks my heart to see my son cry at the beginning, but he got so attached to Shilo, one of the careers, she has been looking after him so well everyday.

    She even had words for him in our language so she can communicate with him, amazing effort. All I can say is I m very happy to find you .

  • Our 14 month old baby daughter has been going to home2home since she was 9 months.

    Since our first visit she loved the place. We had just moved to Luton and were very apprehensive about sending her to nursery. Since the first day the nursery was very supportive and accommodating. The induction period was very gradual. From the very start we felt we could trust Collette and her team a 100%.

    We are both self employed, which means our timetables can be a nightmare. The nursery has been there for us, helping us find solutions.

    We are very pleased with the way everything has been handled. We receive daily reports and we also get longer summaries of how our baby is progressing.

    Thank you everyone at home2home!

  • It was a worrying time for me when I knew I had to leave my New born Daughter in Nursery. I searched for months before giving birth - no succes. Home2Home contacted me, and soon after I took my 2 weeks old baby to meet the Owner, Collette. She was so polite and welcoming. The way she interacted with me, my Husband and the little one, all our worries about leaving my her dissappeared. Both me and hubby felt so at peace there. The setting of the Nursery was homely, intimate just what we were looking for.
    My daughter is 5 1/2 months old now. She loves the workers.
    Everyday I get a full report of how her day went and what happened during the day.
    The best thing is that Every morning, she goes in and comes out with a big smile, which is what Every parent want.

    Thank you so so much Home2Home for the Care and for Caring.

  • I absolutely love this nursery. I looked into a few but nothing had exactly what I was looking for until I came to Home2Home. The size of the nursery immediately put me at ease and made me feel comfortable enough to entrust my baby into their care even though I would have loved to have waited longer until I had to put her in nursery. She's currently in the baby room where she spends at least 2 hours a day with her key worker. She receives home cooked meals, another issue I now don't have to worry about as I'm very fussy with what she eats. Not once have I had her cry in the mornings when dropping her off, actually it was me that left with tears eyes at my little grown up. I receive a daily sheet with nappy changes and what she ate/did which includes trips out of the nursery. She's developing in an amazing way and I know that I have all of my requests honoured by the lovely staff.

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